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Too much of a good thing

If you're anything like me, when you find a new author, you end up reading everything they've written.   However, the mistake I've made in the past is to read all their books one after the other.  

Although we like to think that everything we write is unique, the fact that it's written with our author's "voice" means that there are similarities between every piece.   That's what I've found with my discovered authors.   Whether it's the setting, plotting devices or the reappearance of characters, there are often so many similarities that one book melds into the next.   After a while, just like eating too much cake, I lose my appetite for any more of that author's work.

I did this exact thing with one of my favourite authors a few years ago and haven't picked up one of hers for a good five years.   This week, I read her latest and have been captivated by it.   Far from finding it too similar to her others, I'm enjoying the comfortable familiarity of her characters and settings.   It's like I've been abroad for five years and have just come home.

 Critics often criticise formulaic writing but, if it works, why not give readers what they love time after time?