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Coffee in a to-go cup? No, grazie.

I recently spent two delightful years in Italy. When I got back to the States, there were things I was happy to come home to. For one, I seriously missed the size of our Chicago apartment, especially since we returned with an 8-month-old son and needed the extra space. It was also refreshing not have to translate everything in my head on a daily basis.

But so much of my life in Italy I do miss: the beauty of the language, our daily routine of walking to the piazza and the waterfront, indulging in out-of-this world gelato, and shopping for fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables at the outdoor market every day.

Most of all, I miss the coffee. I'd tell my husband that we could find many Italian delicacies back home -- the wines, cheeses, meats and olive oils are all imported to America (although of course nothing tastes as good as when eaten or drunk on native soil). But the coffee? It just can't be replicated.

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