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The Path Between Yesterday and Tomorrow
Front cover

“The Path Between Yesterday and Tomorrow” is a YA fantasy.
The title suggests that the protagonist, Emma Walker, needed to walk that path or both her past and the future might change irrevocably.

Fourteen-year-old Emma Walker's great uncle finds a magic dragon's tooth sword sent through time to keep it from the grasp of its creator. Her great uncle misuses the sword's magic powers and dies in the attempt. His son buries the sword.

One rainy day, Emma discovers a mysterious map, folded as if used as a bookmark in an ancient book about forgotten Templar pirates. One of those pirates is a man named Dragon Sanglant.

Emma and her mother have lived in near poverty since her father's death in car accident that Emma mysteriously survived when something tore open the roof above her head.

When Emma realizes that she holds a map of a valuable sword's burial place, she is determined to find the sword and sell it.
Emma is not the only person seeking the sword. Retrieval becomes a race with time that she accomplishes with more skill than she knew she possessed.

But, as her hand grasps the ancient hilt, Emma and her best friend Joan are thrown back in time to the pirate Dragon Sanglant's world.

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