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Larry R. Smith's Books

Steel Valley: Postcards and Letters
These postcards and letters are really the poems of an Ohio Valley native who stays close to the people he writes about.
Beyond Rust: Fiction by Larry Smith
Novella set in industrial Lorain, Ohio, along with short stories set in industrial Ohio Valley and four works of creative nonfiction.
James Wright's Ohio
This is the 30 minute DVD docudrama of James Wright's Ohio done by Larry Smith and Tom Koba. It presents the poet through statements, interviews with fellow poets and his two wives, and uses images and sounds from his Ohio hometown, Martins Ferry, Ohio. Done with a grant from the Ohio Humanities Council and Ohio Arts Council.
The Kanshi Poems of Taigu Ryokan
100 poems by Buddhist monk Taigu Ryokan (1758-1831) from his Kanshi (journal) poems. Revered worldwide for his simplicity, wit, and carefree spirit, Ryokan is presented here in original Chinese, Japanese, and in these fine translations by poets Mei Hui Liu Huang and Larry Smith. Their previous works include Songs of the Woodcutter: Zen Poems of Wang Wei and Taigu Ryokan and Chinese...