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Some Appalachian Poets--A Partial Listing
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Larry Smith



Some Chief Appalachian Poets  

(Please add suggestions to this partial list by contacting
Larry Smith of Bottom Dog Press at  Lsmithdog@aol.com
Thanks to Edwina Pendarvis for help with this list; it's in development
We are listing those from Appalachia who either by reputation or publication
of a full book of poetry set in Appalachia should be noted.)

Maggie Anderson, Cold Comfort; A Space Filled with Moving; Windfall: New and Selected Poems.
Marilou Awiakta, Abiding Appalachia:Where Mountain and Atom Meet. 
Bob Henry Baber, George Ella Lyon and Gurney Norman. Old Wounds, New Words: Poems from the Appalachian Poetry Project.
Laura Treacy Bentley, The Lake Effect     
Wendell Berry, Collected Poems; Leavings; A Timber Choir: The Sabbath Poems;
       The Country of Marriage; Given: New Poems; The Mad Farmer Poems; A Part.
Kathryn Stripling Byer, Black Shawl: Poems.
Jeanne Bryner, Blind Horse; No Matter How Many Windows.
Jo Carson, Stories I Ain't Told Nobody Yet.
Fred Chappell, Shadow Box: Poems, First and Last Words.
Victor Depta, The Silence of Blackberries, An Afterthought of Light.
Nikky Finney, Rice.
Diane Gilliam Fisher, Kettle Bottom; One of Everything.
Nikki Giovanni,
Black Feeling Black Talk; Gemini; Racism 101; Sacred  Cows …and Other Edibles; Selected Poems of Nikki Giovanni; Spin a Soft Black Song .
James B Goode. Up from the Mines.
Chris Green, Rushlight: Poems.
Richard Hague, Ripe, Alive in Hard Country.
Ron Houchin,  Museum Crows.
David Huddle, Grayscale; Summer Lake; Glory River.
Don Johnson, Here and Gone: Selected Poems.
George Ella Lyon, Catalpa.
Jeff Daniel Marion,
Father; Ebbing and Flowing Springs.
Linda Parsons Marion, Home Fires and Mother Land
John McKernan, Resurrection of Dust.
Llewellyn McKernan, Short and imple Annals, Many Rivers.
Irene McKinney, Vivid Companion; Quick Fire, Slow Fire; Six O’clock Mine Report.
Louise McNiell, Eldeberry Flood; Hill Daughter; Paradox Hill.
Jim Wayne Miller,
Dialogue with a Dead Man; The Mountains Have Come Closer;  Nostalgia for 70; Vein of Words.   
Felicia Mitchell,
Her Words: Diverse Voices in Contemporary Appalachian Women's Poetry.
Robert Morgan,
The Strange Attractor: New and Selected Poems.
Edwina Pendarvis, Like the Mountains of China.
Lynn Powell, Old & New Testaments;  The Zones of Paradise.
Effie Waller Smith
The Collected Works of Effie Waller Smith..
Larry Smith,
Milldust and Roses; A River Remains.
R.T. Smith,
Split the Lark: Selected Poems; Outlaw Style.
Philip St. Clair,
Divided House.
James Still,
From the Mountain, From the Valley: New and Selected Poems

Art Stringer, Human Comedy.
Jesse Stuart,
Album of Destiny; Hold April:  New Poems; Man with a Bull-Tongue Plow;  The World of Jesse Stuart; Selected Poems.

Dana Wildsmith, One Good Hand.
Jonathan Williams,
Blues & Roots, Rue & Bluets: A Garland for the Southern Appalachians.
Marianne Worthington, Larger Bodies than Ours.
Charles Wright,
Appalachia; Scar Tissue; Buffalo Yoga; A Short History of the Shadow.

For more detailed listings go to:  http://smithdocs.net/SomeAppalachianPoets.html

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Forgive some of the typing errors here...italics and bold did not come through as originally typed. It's a good list to work from. Also on this web page:
Imagine Peace, Larry Smith