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The Writing Warrior


The winter season and the New Year create the perfect environment for reconnecting with and recommitting to your writing. The writing process creates a different path for all who take it. Staying firmly rooted on that path requires not just discipline, but self-awareness.

This process-oriented class with award-winning writer Laraine Herring is focused on generating new, authentic work. We will spend our time writing, discussing, meditating, breathing, and being. Because deep writing naturally takes us to places of discomfort, we will learn to remain steady through that discomfort, and be with ourselves long enough to hear our own words and write without judgment. As we move into our bodies and observe thoughts from a place of witness consciousness, we learn how to stay present with characters and poems until we’ve heard all they have to say, not just to our readers but to our own hearts.

Laraine's Latest Blogs

Oct.27.2009 - 10:45 am
Patrick Swayze is dead and I am crying. I don't have time to cry now. I have to get to work, read papers, go to a curriculum meeting. But I am instead in my office at home...
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Oct.27.2009 - 10:43 am
Our house had not caught fire as I’d feared as a girl after watching the Walton’s house burn on TV, and then watching my father place his lit cigarette on the edge of the...
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May.31.2008 - 10:17 am
San Francisco's ghosts are as vibrant as the rainbow flags that fly from the tops of buildings on Market Street. Its ghosts cling to the basement of the Hotel St. Francis during...
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May.07.2008 - 1:51 pm
Dad and me reading, 1969
Dear Daddy, It's raining today. It's been raining since last night, and it's supposed to rain through tomorrow. You'd hate it. Stuck in the house, unable to go play golf. It's...
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Published Reviews

Writing Begins with the Breath
Published by Story Circle Book Reviews
Laraine Herring's book is about the "being" aspect of writing, not just the brain-centered "doing." The practice she describes is "deep writing," and Herring encourages readers to...