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I Like This Red Room Thing!
The cover I did for my upcoming book on the Indians of Iowa

I just signed up today, and am concentrating on getting my profile and published works up first. Most of what I have done so far that has been published is nonfiction and essay. I have some fiction too, which I will post later. I live in Montana, but since I am a member of the Ioway tribe, a lot of what I have written and published is about Iowa, our homeland which was named for us.

This fall (2009), my first solo, full-length book will be published by the University of Iowa Press, and is about the Indians of Iowa. This year I also have an essay about the Indians and forts of Iowa being published by UI Press as part of a larger collection. I did the covers for both books; I am an artist too. I gotta get used to this blowing your own horn thing though :-P I just like doing the work.

I would eventually like to get some of my fiction published as well, and expand the kinds of things I write about.

So far, I like what I see about Red Room, and think it is a great thing they have done for authors in making this resource available...you guys rock!...anyhooo...back to the profile... 

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Welcome to Red Room, Lance!

We are so glad to have you here. Pull up a chair, take off your jacket, and make yourself at home!

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hi Jennifer

Thanks for the welcome!


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Beautiful artwork! Is that a cap with a feather on his head? I like that.Like you I love both words and images.

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Hi Luciana

Hi Luciana

Yes, that is an eagle feather attached to his cap. It is a fashion you often see on reservations in modern times

How do you like to combine images and text in your writing? 


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hi Jennifer and Luciana

hi Jennifer and Luciana, glad to meet you!

Yes, Luciana, that is an eagle feather attached to his cap!

I will check out your pages too!