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I see people as driving around in little cars known as "bodies." When the car is new, they get around, can wave through the window or roll it down and say hello. When one hits a bad bump, or gets into a fender bender, or the car gets rusty, you can't get around anymore, maybe you can't...
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On Wednesday as I was walking to class, I saw two sulphur butterflies, flying along close together in front of me. I thought they were in mating flight. Then they paused --and suddenly shot straight up high above me, about 60 feet where they tussled. I then thought perhaps it was a fight and not a...
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"The need to live by secure,sharply etched classifications is buried deep in the human mind and one of its earliest demands; simplicity allays anxieties by defeating discriminations. Real situations are rarely clear-cut, real feelings often nests of ambivalence. This is something the adult...
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Nine years ago this morning I was sleeping in Anchorage (I was working for the National Parks) when I was wakened by an early morning phone call from my wife who was working in Washington, DC. I was so groggy, it didn't make sense to me what she was saying. Two towers in NY attacked, and she could...
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The work ethic is tied very much into the idea of God's Elect (Calvinism, etc.). If God has chosen you, you succeed and your success is proof you are one of the Elect, and are going to heaven. If you are one of the rejects, you don't succeed, and therefore are not one of the Saved.Therefore there...
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I am teaching Drawing this summer part time, at UM-Helena. I am also in the process of getting my Master Gardener certification. And when the weather is good (as it has not been) I paint rural propane tanks part time. Nothing fancy, just light gray. I also am doing book reviews for Amazon, CHOICE,...
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In my case, I just write what I want to write. When I was a kid, I used to think about being a great writer like Hemingway etc. Then I grew up, realized I didn't have the talent (at least not GREAT talent), connections, know--how-- it wasn't my destiny. Okay. But I still liked books and wanted to...
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Trying something new, a Vook:  http://tommyknocker.tumblr.com/
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For folks interested in archaeology or in American sub-cultures, I wrote about my past life as a Shovel Bum at my regular blog: http://hengruh.livejournal.com/104250.html 
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Just got a book to review, "Eaarth," by Bill McKibben. Not a misspelling. Imagine we live on a planet. Not our cozy, taken-for-granted earth, but a planet, a real one, with dark poles and belching volcanoes and a heaving, corrosive sea, raked by winds, strafed by storms, scorched by heat. An...
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My entry in this round of NPR's Three Minute Fiction. You look at the photo they supply, than write a short story that can be read in three minutes or less, under 600 words. This is this week's photo, and my story is underneath. It's a nice little exercise to keep your "story-muscles" strong....
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Sacred Bundles of the Ioway Indians
One of my best writer-friends posted a very heart-felt, honest blog post today: "WRITER SCHEMES & FOMENTS The present chaos in authored content and media is spawning any number of games for getting ahead in one way or another. Here’s a necessarily incomplete list. (New ones pop up all the time...
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I have set the date for the experiment for "No Electronics for One Week in December: No TV, No Computer/Internet, No Music, No Games, No Cellphones." I begin this Saturday (Dec. 19) and continue until the following Sunday (Dec. 27). The goal is not to be a luddite, but to clear the mental...
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(Ishjinki is our Ioway tribal Trickster figure, and this is one of the stories in our Trickster cycle. Our stories are not for younger children, as they reveal some aspects of human nature better kept to adults. Such Trickster stories also show the boundaries of acceptable human behavior by...
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I am a G but won't reveal my strategy except for this little koan-like story. A fellow from an indigenous far off place was visiting New York City. As he was peering from the top of a skyscraper's open-air observation deck, he asked his host, "I have heard of this word 'problem' but don't...
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