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Wonder into relationships from a man whom never knew love as a rose.
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I started writing to escape. Now I can't escape writing. Trapped inside my own confusion.

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Late Night


Tonight leaks with a calm that terrorizes my peace

Solitude is the biggest threat to my security

Sitting on a fence that has given way to the struggle

It is hard to watch the moon entertain a sky full of stars

When the street light keeps blinking

Shadows moving in the dark with no body parts

So it must be the trees.

And tonight they don't even breathe because it's so calm

But my ears are so alarmed

They keep my eyes unfocused

And the heartbeats so fast that my palms keep moving

And the teddybears tied to the tree remind me of a voice thats missing

Of the block thats missing

Of a race thats missing

But I am sure most of the voices are in prison