where the writers are
2 wrongs looking 4 a right

She said she envies me

 I am a reflection of the talent she could release

So she finds herself attracted to me in her flesh

Wanting to pull herself free

Sucking me dry

I don’t understand the power my pen holds

So I let her

I need to feel what she feels when she sees me in her

To find a base from which my words spin

Like her tongue that rejects my warmth unless I speak

She only wants the confidence she hopes to steal from me

But I want to find the core of her that makes me idealized

So we sneak

 She seeks what she believes I will not give

I can’t explain to her how I make her feel

So our bodies are our covers

I can tell she doesn’t fully want me as her lover

But my need is deeper than her reluctance

So we spin bullshit

Until she practices her first poem

I coach her because I am giving birth to me and not her

Then she learns to spit from memory

Next the stage she blaze

And we immediately see

Why we could never be

More than a poem

That I never understood how I wrote

But she needed to write

Now I feel what she felt in me

And she sees what she believed she could be

Now we no longer speak


(C) Lamont Carey