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The Trip Up, Part 2

Well, today is Sunday but I have to throw up a quick post about Saturday's journey.

My mom, as promised, called at 7:30 am to wake me up and check on me. I was fine, just stiff from laying in the hotel bed. After getting up, I lazed around, checking email and packing clothes back into bags.

I woke my oldest up next and after getting her dressed, started lugging stuff back out to the car. I woke the youngest, got her dressed and we all headed to the dining  room to enjoy the continental breakfast. The check-out went smoothly and we got on the road.

I ended up making two stops before going through Atlanta and then had a freak out moment went I took an exit I wasn't sure of. I stopped at one point at a McDonalds (thank goodness for the free Wi-fi) and pulled up my driving directions. Why? Well because silly me accidentally threw away the second part of my directions back at the hotel.

I got back on the road and drove for another two hours and went through a lovely town called Dalton (it was the way the directions sent me.) I ended up stopping at the Wal-Mart in Dalton's because the street that was listed in the directions is no longer called that (which of course I didn't know, not being a local.)

While in Wal-Mart I briefly considered by a GPS since getting lost and taking wrong turns was becoming my middle name. We also gave money to some lovely young ladies outside who were needing donations for the group. We even got peanut butter candy and lemonade for the donations.

Thanks to the Electronics Department clerk in that Wal-Mart, we got back on track and on the road.

I once again took a wrong turn when I made it to Knoxville, TN and ended up having to stop a University of Tennessee student for help and a gas station owner fifteen minutes after that before I was finally back on the Interstate.

After all of that, the remaining three-hour drive was without incident. I dropped my oldest off with her grandparents first, and then headed to my hometown of Coeburn to my aunt's house.

I had one last case of the wrong turn syndrome but with some help (I couldn't call my aunt because my cell phone got no reception), I, at last was at my destination.

I spent most of the night chatting with aunt and uncle, fixing their computer so they could get on the internet, setting up the wireless portion of their internet so that I could get online, and trying to coax a very un-sleepy child that it really was time to go bed.

I hit the bed with a sleepy toddler at 2 am. And thus, I ended my day's exploits.

Up next will be a blog on my first book tour event, Mountain Empire Community College.