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Deep Carnivale 2009
Carnivale Badge

I'm excited. I attended my first writing convention. Deep Carnivale (you can learn more about it here) is more than just about writing, it encompasses a wide range of artisitic endeavors (music, dance, and more).

 I enjoyed my visit to this nice event in Ybor City, Florida. I took my oldest daughter and rode down with author Elissa Malcohn. Once there I recognized one of the authors that had set up. It was Sandy Lender who had on my Facebook list. It was a nice surprise and I hurried over to introduce myself in the flesh. 

I also had the honor of meeting K.L. Nappier, Lynne Hansen, Jeff Strand (Hugo Award Finalsity), Jane Kennedy Sutton, Glenda C Finkelstein and Tony E. Finkelstein.

All of the authors were great about listening to me and answering questions. They also offered up encouragement.

 I had a wonderful time and I'm looking forward to seeing several of them again in October at Necronomicon in St. Petesburg, Florida.