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Book Tour Recap #2: Coeburn Community Library

Sorry it took so long to post this but between moving to different web host servers, getting Werelove: Dusk Conspiracy out on time, and revamping the website, I've been a wee bit busy. Never fear, I will finish posting the recap from my 4-venue book tour.

The second stop on my Virginia book tour was the Coeburn Community Library. I grew up in the little town of Coeburn, Virginia. Some of my fondest memories come from the library and the librarians who work there. I first started reading books by myself at the age of 4 and can remember the librarians being amazed at the amount of books my mother allowed me to check out.

Sometimes I had so many books that you couldn't see me behind them! Nevertheless, as I grew older and my reading appetite more voracious, the gracious librarians kept pace and constantly recommended books to me. They always told me I should think about becoming a writer and at such a young age I would scoff at that idea. What did I know about writing? Reading I did well, but writing?

I am glad to say that their wisdom was sound and here I am today, a writer. I enjoyed the nostalgia of coming home and sharing the thrill of being published with the librarians who gave me so much.

JD and I arrived, set up and settled in to see who would stop by. We were both a little concerned by the crazy weather. It had decide to be stormy and very rainy. We chatted up the librarians and handed out some cards. We didn't quite get the turnout we hoped for but I still had fun.

The highlight of the time spent there were two kids, who wandered over to the table. The older girl loved to read and the younger boy liked to draw. JD and I encouraged them to pursue both talents because who knows what it might mean for them in the future.

We received a pleasant surprise when the mother came over and wanted to know what we had done to quiet her children. Apparently brother and sister were rather boisterous children and the mother was amazed at the amount of silence JD and I had managed to garner from her offspring.

I just smiled and told her it was the power of the word.

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