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2010 is winding down...

...and all I can say is "wow, what a crazy ride!"


Actually that's not all I can say, but it sums up my year nicely. From making my debut as an author, to attending conventions, to meeting awesome readers worldwide, this year has been one for the Kisha Hall of Fame.


I've watched as the publishing industry has changed, grown, shrank, stirred controversy and reoriented itself to cope with the changes. I've encountered pioneers in the ebook explosion (JA Konrath being the one I read the most), weighed in on discussion boards about ebook pricing (Amazon) and drawn my own conclusions as to the best way to proceed.


As of today I've written 42,244 on 7 different W.I.Ps for this year. Pretty good considering I've spent most of 2010 promoting my debut novel Jewels as well as my first YA novel, Werelove Dusk Conspiracy.

I'll have a final word count for 2010 by January 1 because I still have stuff that is handwritten that has to be typed so that I can get an accurate count.


I'm proud of myself because I've worked on three in-progress novels that will be coming out in 2011:

  • Moonbeams (fantasy) - March 2011
  • Werelove Midnight Revelations (YA/paranormal romance) - April 2011
  • The Tempo (MG/fantasy) - May 2011 [This will be my first children's novel]

Who knows what else I might have up my sleeve in 2011. All I know is that I will be praising my beta readers and editor for all their help and insights. I also look forward to create more worlds as well as visiting old ones.


I also hope for 2011 that some of my diligently working writer friends who are moving toward publishing, have their debuts and are very successful. I think I've waxed poetically enough.


Time to go write.