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Favorite Books

* Native Son
* We Real Cool
* Race Matters & Hope on a Tightrope
* Cool Pose
* Visions of Black Men
* Who's Gonna Take the Weight
* It's Bigger than Hip-Hop
* If Beale Street Could Talk
* Yearning: race,gender and cultural politics
* Where we stand: Class matters
(And a host of others)

What I'm Reading

Critical pedagogy primer, Breaking the silence : toward a Black male feminist criticism, Progressive Black masculinities, New Black man and Scripting the Black masculine body : identity, discourse, and racial politics in popular media.

Favorite Authors

Richard Wright
bell hooks
Cornell West
Richard Majors
Nai'im Akbar
Toni Morrison
Kevin Powell
James Baldwin
Patricia Hill Collins
Mark Anthony Neal
(And a host of others)