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The virtual tour for The Circle of Friends, Book V…Heather begins on March 9. I will be visiting some amazing blogs, with guest posts, interviews, reviews, and giveaways - and a couple guest posts from Heather herself.Follow along and discover some great new writers, books, and bloggers!  9 -...
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The Circle of Friends, Book V...Heather
Book V of the series will be out in less than two months.  How would you like to get a copy a month earlier???  Enter the “Book V - Mystery Man!” contest!  Each book revolves around a relationship, and Book V is no different. However, while the other books overlapped, thus revealing the second main...
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The Circle of Friends, Book IV...Mike
  THE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS BOOK IV...MIKE By L. Diane Wolfe A prisoner of guilt for so long…  Mike Taylor is the epitome of stability. His family is proud of his academic and athletic achievements at Georgia Tech, and despite the temptations of college life, he has maintained his moral standards. Yet...
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