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So you’ve got a family secret. Now what?  Family secrets have a way of popping up when least expected. An overheard comment between your parents or the discovery of an old document or faded photo can open a door into your past that leaves you shocked, bewildered, or even angry.  Some...
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I’ve been tagged in the “Next Big Thing” blog post by fellow author Sarah Cortez. Sarah is the author of many books (website: http://poetacortez.com), the most recent being Walking Home, Growing Up Hispanic in Houston. My association with Sarah started with submitting short stories to two of her...
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  I was a student in Amy Friedman’s memoir class at UCLA when she’d mentioned having married someone in prison, but hadn’t elaborated on it. I was intrigued by the fact that this attractive and intelligent woman had been caught up in that kind of life situation. When she told us that she’d...
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  Although I write every day, working on a novel, short story or essay, there are times I need a large space of time away from these daily tasks. Flush out my mind and reset my senses in a place that will allow me to anticipate the stories to come, I head for the South for the next week....
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A Thunderous Whisper (by Christina Diaz Gonzalez) is a wonderful coming of age and thought provoking story that captures the reader’s attention from page one with its quiet protagonist Ani whose uneventful life is a time bomb waiting to explode. “Insignificant whispers in a loud world” describes...
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I just finished the first draft of a YA mystery, a story based on my own family history that has been asking to be written for a long time. Memoir and adult fiction were the two formats I tried before deciding that YA was the ideal one. The first two formats just didn't capture the emotions...
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Blood Lance by Jeri Westerson (Minotaur Books) is a medieval noir novel staring her protagonist Crispin Guest.  You may have followed Crispin Guest, known as the Tracker, throughout Westerson’s four prior medieval noir novels: Vail of Lies, Serpent in the Thornes, The Demon’s Parchment, and...
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Just in: The YA mystery anthology You Don’t Have a Clue (including my short story “The Red Lipstick”) won an Honorable Mention at the International Latino Book Awards at BEA. (Book Expo America). A big thanks and congratulations to Sarah Cortez, the anthology’s fabulous editor.
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Who hasn’t heard of Miss Marple or Hercule Proirot? But how many of you know anything about author who created these characters and more?  This autobiography shares a life like no other. She was born in the Victorian era, divorced her first husband (Archie Christie), and married a second time...
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This used to be my excuse when working a 9 – 5, but now I’m retired, and it’s still a valid excuse. Even more so, I’m finding. The workload is different these days, however. I’m writing two novels at the same time, keeping up with social media functions, and attending writers' conferences to get...
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Reinventing oneself was something I thought everyone did. A broken romance, a lost job, a significant death, all pivotal moments that had us moving onto the next chapter. It was only sometime later in life that I realized that not everyone moved on the same way. Some only gave the appearance to...
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My hard drive crashed this month, taking my contact list and calendar with it. A definite life-changing experience, as it turned out. I had to recreate my life by repopulating doctor appointments, conferences, social engagements, and holidays. It’s been an on-going series of surprises when one of...
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I just summed up my publications for the year for a friend. One short story and one personal essay published in two anthologies. Not bad for one year’s work, given that I was working full time and taking classes in the UCLA Writers Program as well. So I’m going to share them here: Short story, “The...
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Okay, so it’s a little over a month since retirement and how has my life changed? For one thing, I’m healthier. I’ve made a commitment to getting in shape and eating better so this next phase can be fully enjoyed without health issues. I’m exercising at least four times per week, and am slowly...
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I’m retiring from my day job at a well-known film studio at the end of this September. Can’t wait to move into phase 2 of my life, the one where you get to do what you really want to. In my case, it includes writing and publishing, attending writers’ conferences, and traveling. These...
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