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The Government Should Lead in Austerity

Here is an op-ed published this past weekend in the Cincinnati Enquirer where I make some suggestions about how the government might better handle the budget process. The link is pasted below as well. 

Since the threat of a government shut down doesn't seem to motivate Congress to create a sensible budget proposal that can be agreed to by both sides, Congress should return the money to all the taxpayers. I bet each of us could figure out how to spend our tax dollars.

That won't happen; and it probably shouldn't.

But, in a federal system, returning the money to the states in proportion to what their citizens paid in should be an option. If the national government can't work out a budget, give the states a shot. After all, states like Ohio are running a deficit and would welcome the relief. Gov. John Kasich, who released his budget last month, would most certainly enjoy the ability to utilize taxpayer money collected by the national government.

The national government has become bloated, sluggish, and inefficient; which is what happens when there is a monopoly. Just as the governor stated he was going to do with state government, the national government needs to become innovative, efficient, and resourceful. This can only be done when there is competition for resources.

Like the national government, most Americans are living beyond their means. So either Americans are taking a cue from the national government on how to manage our finances, or the national government is reflective of the way we live our lives. In other words, the government is a product of our values-for better or for worse.

If we are to believe those officials who say the way to solve our financial and energy problems is through innovation, then they should show us how it's done by demonstrating a spirit of experimentation when it comes to policy making and budgeting-and we should demand that they do so.