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Gay Marriage and Limited Government

GOP strategy on gay marriage could backfire. (Houston Chronicle May 11, 2012)

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In the past two weeks the issue of gay rights has come to the forefront. From Richard Grenell's resignation from Mitt Romney's campaign to North Carolina's vote to ban gay marriage to San Diego renaming a street in honor of Harvey Milk, it would seem a wise political strategy to take a stand on gay rights, and PresidentBarack Obama took the cue.



Nobody is asking for those who oppose gay marriage to accept it. Nobody is asking for those who are morally opposed to homosexuality to support it. All that is being asked is to not oppose it through government action, to allow government to remain neutral. To refrain from discrimination is not the same thing as acceptance or promotion. Those who oppose these practices are still able to teach their children the difference between right and wrong, to give them guidance in a complicated world. But, when the government restricts access to the institution of marriage to a particular group, the government is teaching your children right from wrong.

The government should not be responsible for legislating morality. That is what our communities, families and churches are for. Our government should reflect the values of the people it represents. And it should also be a bulwark against majority tyranny. The only way to do both is to promote liberty and to limit government in its function and reach. Unless the GOP adopts that as its stance, even when it disagrees with a particular way of life, it cannot trumpet itself as the party of liberty. President Obama, if he is clever enough, can couch same-sex marriage in terms of limited government and back the Republicans into a corner.