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Frank McCourt, author of Angela's Ashes, died July 19.


An amazing book, especially the first one.

The voice never lags, and goes on briskly in its honest and vivid manner.

I think Angela's Ashes and Tis were originally one long autobiographical novel, and then were cut masterfully in half.

The first one ends with "Tis."

and the second one starts with "Tis."  Think who can do that without a superb sense of control and timing. The two books are also about the same length.


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OMG! I loved the book and

OMG! I loved the book and even enjoyed the movie. He was an awesome writer because he'd put these little details that you normally don't think about into the story and then you'd think to yourself, yeah that would so go through my mind too!

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I did not see the movie, but

I did not see the movie, but especially the first book was phenomenal.

Of course, he was able to write it only after his mother Angela had died.

Still, he was amazingly frank, like his name.

Especially the part where his mother went to live with her cousin when Frank was about 12, and the cousin made Frank empty the chamber pot, and he ran away.

Few people can write with such transparency.

He could have lived a lot longer. I don't know how the meningitis happened.

Kyi May Kaung