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True Believers.jpg
Published by Barnes and Noble Review
If Red Bull underwrote literary endeavors in addition to such speed sports as auto racing, True Believers would come plastered in silver-red-and-blue logos. The big novel, Kurt...
Published by The Wall Street Journal Online
Can a book destined for every beach blanket and nightstand in the Hamptons really be any good? Can a novel that refers to Prada, Ferragamo and Manolo Blahnik be admitted (without...
Published by The New York Times
If a decade is lucky, it gets the magazine it deserves. The 1920s had Harold Ross’s New Yorker; the ’60s, Harold Hayes’s Esquire. The 1980s were perhaps luckier than they deserved...
Published by Vanity Fair
Kurt Andersen's new novel, Heyday, is 620 pages of exuberance over the birth of modernity in a young America. Like his last book, Turn of the Century, Heyday is fueled by manic...
Published by The New York Times Review of Books
It perhaps strikes anyone who has read an ambitious historical novel — and certainly strikes anyone who has had the audacity to try to write one — that the enterprise represents...