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words that feed the hungry

We must love language, or we wouldn't be on this site! Well, let me share another site I just disovered, where playing with words can help feed the hungry on this planet    www.freerice.com

It's a simple but great idea. You get to play with words - eg  test your dictionary knowledge; I quickly stumbled on words I had never heard of. My favorite is seeing how many German words I still remember, having lived there  in my twenties. You can choose chemistry, geography, math. Could  be great a great learning past-time for kids.

Every time you are correct, 10 grains of rice are donated to end world hunger. It's fun, it's easy and  you may get to learn something new as you play, so it's not just wasting time.  What a great way to spend 5 minutes here and there, when youwant a quick break. Try it! Someone will get a meal, and you will get to see how smart you are!