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Second Step

An idea strike my mind this morning as I take a bath, most of my story extend their plot when I was in a private room. The restroom, bathroom etc... :) Never worked out when I was in a cafe or coffee shop, had tried once, but it did not do anything to me. I only watched people who came and went like the brisk wind, or heard their chat, but it never provide me anything for my writing.

So I just sat there, all alone, waiting for my friends. We all have a reunion there and so it was, the coffee shop did not help me, it just not my kind of type of place for writing. Unlike many of Indonesian writer who seems to enjoy that kind of place, while for me it was too crowded. Good for watching people activity, but not for writing.

Any other idea comes when I heard a song or read a book.

So idea would come nicely to me when I have my imaginative self inside of me, by the help of books and musics. Various kind of.

And one weird thing is, when I got my novel rejected, I did not feel anything. Not like me in two years before, I just feel, okay...maybe something wrong with the publisher that I choose. I'll do it better and make them sorry for rejecting me. Hehehehe....

Well unlike the writer in abroad, in Indonesia the writer have to find their own publisher, once your name is recognizeable in the literary world, then...they will force you to write and write untill you don't have any brain left.

Wait a sec...let me check, whether I have any brain left or not, hehehehe....

see ya, and thanks for forcing me to write in English (again)!