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I dreamed of Mr. Chimi who I heard died in a car accident two weeks back. I feel my hands tremble when I mention his name here. I don’t know, I always feel like something bad might happen when I utter names or think of those who are dead. It has to do with my own fear I know. The first time I...
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The schools in Bhutan start in February. In our time, it was in March. We used to get 3 months winter vacation after writing the final examination – and that was the time we most looked forward to. Our time was different – in that, the schools were few and far away. So children as young as six...
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Growing up in a very remote, far flung village, isolated from the rest of the clustered villages, my life was more about listening to stories, myths and legends. My parents raised 10 children, including two children of a neighboring couple. My parents took them in when their father died. And so,...
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Despite my knowledge of all things being impermanent, I have always had difficulty in accepting death as natural. No matter how I try to convince myself about it, I always cry when someone close to me dies or when I see someone crying for such losses. The biggest crash I had was when I had to...
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