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On Nader's Whiteness: Uncle Tom Obama
Whether or not Ralph Naders prevailing message about the working class has an iota of truth in it, his inability to address his inappropriate use of a racially charged and derogatory trope to offer that message, renders him and the message irrelevant . This isn't a KRAMER situation because it isn't the N-word, but it is in a similar vein. I'm appalled that this fool has the NERVE to be INDIGNANT! Shame on you Ralph Nader. You just set the third party movement back so far, on the eve of the end of your career.  

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Uncle SAM or Uncle TOM

My Homegirl Speaks on the Nader Vid: While that was political suicide .. saying the words Uncle Tom .. what Nader is suggesting ahs been a discussion amongst African Americans throughout this whole race... YES he is Black ... and that is AMAZING but his actions as a Black man and just that are to be compromised, thats politics, he didnt run as a "Black " man per say and although i do not agree with how Nader presented this discussion its one that is a viable one, and an interesting one and oen that we will see unfold during his time as president. Nader is right about Obama never mentioning the lower class, and I hope Obama proves to be the unifer I hope he is. But wow Nader WOW !

My Response:

I feel you. Honestly, my feeling is, Nader did the shit strategically but it was stupid. He got his message across, which is what he is supposed to to as a member of the 3rd party movement, but he also set that movement further back by doing so in such a poorly planned way. Uncle Sam nor Uncle Tom are tropes he should be using in relation to Obama. PERIOD. It was quick, on the fly, he thought it was "witty" and it was in absolute POOR taste.

Whether or not black people feel similarly, what he used was insider language that frankly is inappropriate on a national scale. That's like a straight dude saying, after we get our first gay president Ok so we're happy for our first gay president but is he gonna be TRADE or be a FAG." Not something you say from the outside... PERIOD. Furthermore, a lot of black people that are skeptical don't know shit about Obama, politics or anything outside of their own personal interest. Its the same way some white people decided they wouldn't vote for him because "he's an Arab and a terrorist" FUCK THAT.

The man started out working for the poor, he's been talking about the poor with re: to tax cuts, health care, the economy, and the fact that he is called a socialist/Re distributor-in-Chief by McCain (because he said that wealth is poorly distributed in this nation) speak to that commitment.

I read the speech again. He missed a lot of people in it. But it wasn't intended as a "stroke everybody's ego" speech, it was an acceptance speech. He touched some of the key groups that people think of when they think "diversity" but sure he left some people out rhetorically, he was speaking to everyone though. He left transgender people out, but I'm sure most people over looked that. Just as people overlooked his use of Hispanic rather than Latino. If you don't know to be bothered, you won't be.  But the most important gem of his words was his call to action. To remind people that when he is in office it is NOT about him, its about US. Every last person. And I can't even try to be mad at him for that.

We all need to hold him accountable, but we cannot allow racial signifiers to go unchecked while doing so. He wouldn't have said Uncle Tom our next President was Latino, white, Asian or otherwise.