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Spider Solitaire <or> The Devil Actually Exists

So, does anyone else take 4-Deck Spider Solitaire personally?

Are you convinced that it throws up six 8's in a row just to torment you?

Do you believe that when you give up and choose "Quit and start a new game (this counts as a loss in your statistics)" that a moral judgment about your character and intelligence is being handed down?

Are you certain, and I'm not saying I am, that when you play eleven hands in a row, LOSING each time, that you will never complete your new novel?

And that, really, it's NOT your fault?

That CLEARLY, if you were meant to-- by muse, by design, by God, whichever one you choose to pray/genuflect/ululate to—succeed at this whole writing thing, that you would be given a SIGN, most likely the digital renderings and strains of a fireworks display?


Me neither.