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Great Reader, Great Mom, Great Interview

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be a "coach" at the fabulous Book & Books in Coral Gable for their Book Club Olympics, designed and beautifully pulled off by Events Coordinator Debra Linn. My fellow coach (ahem, I should say my example-of-what-a-coach-should-be) was the Book Report Network founder Carole Fitzgerald.

We all had a great time, and Carole was kind enough to ask that I put my speech down in writing for the Reading Group Guides blog. I was delighted to do so, (you can read that post here) and even more delighted when Heather Johnson, of Age 30 - A Year of Books blog fame commented on the piece and then e-mailed to ask me about my new book, Matters of Faith.

Heather's interest stemmed from the fact that she is the mother of a six year old son with multiple food allergies. You can read her story here. I happened to have an advance copy left and sent it to her. I think we were both pretty nervous about how she would like it, and if I'd done an appropriate job addressing the concerns of a family dealing with this situation.

Stop by the site and see what she thought of Matters of Faith in her review, and stick around for the Q & A session she did the next day.