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Friendship and Creativity

One of the best things that has come from my writing is the opportunity to meet and make friends with amazing and talented people. You might have read some of my posts about how I met the book club that I now belong to, and while the book club itself is virtually brimming with amazing and talented women, this post is about just one of them.

Pat Kumicich, one of the women responsible for me meeting the book club to begin with, is not just a witty and generous friend, she is also an extraordinary fiber artist. Please check out her website and see for yourself.

I have been fascinated by Pat's work from the moment I saw it. In the years that I've been following my dream to write novels for a living, I've had the opportunity to read and/or critique many authors' manuscripts, and I've developed a pretty good eye for what we call "the real deal," and I felt the same thrill when I saw Pat's work.

I've also been intrigued to discover how many creative similarities we have despite our wildly different choice of expression, and I always enjoy our discussions about our work. I've not yet been able to own a piece of Pat's art, but it's certainly a goal of mine, and I can't wait to see one of them hanging on my wall.

But one morning last month, just before Matters of Faith came out, Pat and I met for coffee (well, chai for me), and Pat, proving that whole generous thing I mentioned earlier, presented me with a congratulatory piece of art she'd made specifically for me. Is this amazing, or what?

Note that she's holding two books. One is a miniature Catching Genius, my debut novel, and the other is my new one, Matters of Faith. She's wearing a crown in honor of our Naples' Divas Book Club (though we're considering making it the Naples' Divas Bowling and Books Club soon, stay tuned to see how that works out), and her green tights sport spirals, one of my favorite symbols from Catching Genius. She also happens to have a terrific rack (ahem), and her fabulous wedges are in honor of the fact that I tend to wear shoes that make me my coveted 5'9" rather than my actual 5'4".

Have you ever had a respected artist make something specifically for you? I admit that I was delighted and touched enough that I teared up. My mini-Kristy sits on my desk now, watching over me as I struggle through my third book, reminding me about why I create, and about what friendship means.

Thank you, Pat, she's beautiful, as are you.

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Lucky Duck!

What a truly wonderful gift. In this age of mass produced tchotchkes imported from China, it must be quadruply appreciated. She makes a lovely muse, I am sure!