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Book Bloggers and Food Allergies?

The number of people who blog about books is astounding and on the rise, just like the number of children who have food allergies. And sometimes those two segments of society intersect.

Bonnie of Redlady's Reading Room fame read about Matters of Faith on A Year of Books and Booking Mama and contacted me to let me know that she, too, had a child with severe food allergies and wanted a peek at the book.

I am fresh out of books (don't even have one for a keepsake for myself right now!), but we were able to track one down at my publisher for her, and she was kind enough to share her own story on her blog and gave a thoughtful review of the book.

If you're a parent with a child with food allergies and you're concerned about whether you will enjoy the book or whether it will upset you, take a look at Bonnie's review, and well as the others, and leave her a note to let her know you were there, and a bit of your own story of dealing with food allergies. The more people connect, the more information and solutions are shared.

And if you get the book and enjoy it, let me know, too, either on this blog, or by using the Contact form on my website.