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Snowed by hopes of Spring
First light looms and delicate black paws approach A single paw reaches the glass in a brief, half hearted attempt Slippers pad along to an abrupt halt – taking it all in Silent grumbling and the absence of purring Meet hot bold coffee and a warm lap Headlines awake a drowsy state Moisture laden and heavy becomes the emotion of the day Cold and weighty join...
Introduction As an entrepreneur, Personal Mastery Program coach, author and active volunteer, I have a daily routine that is like many of yours – very full. Add to that a great family, friends, and two horses, and its pretty much organized chaos. I love my life and I’m just like the next guy/gal: an everyday person with a long to-do list. I developed the...
An Elder Song Women of Valor  Men of the Earth   A house full for so long, you had to be strong How much were you tired?  What were the joys? A large growing family, always stuff going on   From within was a world that only you knew Your person alive through ties Others dictated the you they would know And with each perception, you were satisfied   Living through...
Short Story
  Johannah sat on the floor with 2 books.  One book was about horses and one book was about life in a big city. She had picked the horse book because she wanted to look at life in the wide open country with large pastures, fields of crops, and acres of woods. She knew about living in the city, but she picked that book because she wanted to learn something new....