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No More Baby Steps

 Yes, yes it's that time of year again. Every year I make “the list” and never accomplish anything on it. Last year I tried something new, I made my list a week before Christmas and started preparations for making things happen. It worked great. I set out to become a better writer, started blogs and grew my readership, and finally finished a MG novel and Ebook. I did it. So this year “No More Baby Steps.”

I have tread the waters and took things slow and easy. This year I need to start walking. I now can not only grow my readership on my blogs, I can now offer more products and hopefully make a little money for my efforts. Of course, this is all new and I want to take baby steps but I can't. I've grown over the last year and I am more confident than ever. Well, not very confident, I probably won't ever be that, but I am staying positive. After all, I just love writing.

 For 2011, I will keep the very same list from 2010. Which means I will continue to become a better writer, which means networking, course work and actually writing a project. I will continue to build on my readership, by creating products visitors and followers can use, which again is more writing and me getting better at it. Finally, finishing another MG Novel or Ebook by the end of the year, which will tie into, once again, more writing and getting better all the time.