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Newly Born

 Happiness is a tough thing to identify. Sometimes it is the simplest things that can trigger happiness. A phone call from an old friend, a stranger holding the door open for you when its raining, or even a child smiling back at you, will trigger a happy feeling. Happiness can come from fond memories of days gone by. Happiness can be good grades from a semester of hard work. Happiness can be falling in love with that special someone. But the main question regarding happiness is, has anyone ever found true happiness? If so, what defines it?

For me personally, true happiness was the birth of my son. I never, ever thought I could be so happy. I truly enjoyed my entire pregnancy. The sensation of the first kick filled me with such wonder and anticipation of his arrival. I could barely stand waiting all the months it took him to get here. Seeing his first picture after the sonogram was amazing. It would be the first time that I could actually see that he had my nose. I giggled with excitement.

Happiness was the first time I heard him laugh out loud, because I was tickling him. It has been the first words, the first steps, the first play and of course the big win in football, basketball and track. There were so many times of pure happiness it would take forever to cover them all. His graduation from high school was an exceptionally happy time. But I think that his graduation from college in May of 2010 will surpass many happy feelings I have had over the course of his young life. The next years and tours of happiness will be the wedding and the grandchildren.