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Common Courtesy

Over the course of my life I have encountered many individuals with bad manners. Most of them have been family, friends or co-workers. Occasionally it's funny when someone belches or farts. Everyone laughs, jokes and rags on the guilty person. I even thought it was cute when my son was a baby and he tooted. He would squeal with laughter. As he got older he would make faces and squeeze them out for the shock factor. Bad manners isn't just about belching or farting. It's that thing that causes road rage, when drivers aren't courteous to one another. It's honking your horn at an elderly person crossing the street because they're not walking fast enough. It's seeing a person lying on the street and not dialing 911 for help. In my opinion it's the simple forgotten common courtesy's that create bad manners.

In this fast paced world we all live in, we're in such a hurry to get from point A to point B, we have forgotten our manners. We are all guilty in one form or another. For example, a few weeks ago my elderly neighbor was unloading a trunk full of groceries, and I didn't offer to help her. I was late for a doctors appointment and didn't take the time to assist her. I just gave her a friendly wave and sped about my business. When I arrived to the appointment the nurse informed me that the doctor was running behind schedule. So there I sat waiting. The longer I waited the more my concious nagged at me for not taking the time to help my neighbor. I learned my lesson. Every time I see her unloading groceries I help carry them to the door and make sure she gets them inside safe and sound.

I have witnessed many acts of bad manners. If I were going to do a study on bad manners and the common places that they occur, I would frequent restaurants and bars to acquire data. In restaurants you could run across families with unruly children running about belching, farting, screaming or throwing food. In bars you could witness a plethra of alcohol induced bad behavior. I don't see a real need to get into the disgusting habits of people after they have been drinking. If I did, this blog would be x-rated and not for the squeamish.

In my opinion, bad manners reflects bad parenting. If we don't go back to the basics and teach our children manners and common courtesy's we end up with non caring, self centered, rude adults. Hence the vicious cycle begins and never ends.