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Me and my son
  When I stumbled into the the realm of “being of a certain age” I've come to realize that what I have given up over the years isn't as important as what I can obtain in the coming years. Wisdom travels with us where ever we go and as we grow. We can look at ourselves as stones gathering moss...
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 Yes, yes it's that time of year again. Every year I make “the list” and never accomplish anything on it. Last year I tried something new, I made my list a week before Christmas and started preparations for making things happen. It worked great. I set out to become a better writer, started blogs...
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  Freedom to speak is a wonderful thing. We are free to walk the walk and talk the talk whenever and wherever we see fit. But there is a WARNING (yes, capitalized, bold and in italics) tag that should follow us as well. It is a reminder that what we say can and will come back to haunt us. It...
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  Pink canvas shoes kick up dust while walking the gravel and sand road to Grandma’s. Looking down at the darkened creases they reflect how many times the road has been walked. A dusty cloud swarms up into the air like a fog tickling an inherited nose. The afternoon sun beams down giving the...
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kids, potty training
 “I don't have to go potty,” I tell mother in a whisper. But she makes me sit there until I do. All the kids are running around, playing games, jumping rope and screeching with laughter. It sounds as if there are hundreds of them. But there's not. Just a few cousins and neighborhood kids. All of...
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Is it just me or have churches stopped reaching out to their surrounding communities? I recently went to a networking function that was supposed to be a Q&A about family activities in the area. As it turned out, it was about a newcomer pastor, who had an idea of holding church bible studies in...
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 I'm not getting older, I'm getting smarter. I love the fact that I have those dreaded high school years behind me. I wouldn't want to trade places with kids these days at all. I have completed the task of successfully raising a child and watching him grow through high school and college. Whew!...
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 I have always loved a good book when I was child. It's really tough to narrow it down to just one favorite story. Of course, I am just as passionate about Dr. Seuss now as I was then. Green Eggs and Ham comes to mind as being the most read book in my personal library. Another favorite is Where The...
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  Spring is a very busy time of the year for a lot of us. We might even consider having a checklist to remind us of all the things we have to do as we spring into the season. For instance, we start off by springing forward and losing an hour of sleep as we change our clocks. If you live in a state...
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 Freedom is a perfect blog topic for Black History Month. African Americans are still searching and fighting for freedom. But that's not all, so are lots of Americans. We send our young people out everyday to fight for our freedom. Some of them come home to us and some don't. Freedom is about...
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The first time I ever laid eyes on Maya Angelou was in the late 80's. I was attending Hutchinson Junior Community College and she came to speak in the Sports Arena. I had always been a little curious about her, but didn't take the time to really investigate her. It was not a part of a class...
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Newly Born
 Happiness is a tough thing to identify. Sometimes it is the simplest things that can trigger happiness. A phone call from an old friend, a stranger holding the door open for you when its raining, or even a child smiling back at you, will trigger a happy feeling. Happiness can come from fond...
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The Silver Aluminum Tree
When I was a little girl I believed in Santa. Christmas in the 60's was a lot different then. We had this great silver tree that we would decorate with the basic red and green balls. I loved decorating the tree. Dad loved popcorn and we would make a big batch and put the popcorn on a string to hang...
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 I always thought that I would be a school teacher when I grew up. I was always wanting to play school and would even take home leftover homework sheets from the teacher so that I could be the perfect teacher. Dad picked up some old wooden desks from an auction and we were set. Surprisingly enough...
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 Winter has come to visit Kansas, yet again. It's first noticeable appearance is when I feel the whisk of a cool breeze on my face and hear the rustling of the trees as I watch the leaves float aimlessly to the ground. Secondly, I notice the night comes earlier and the greens surrounding my...
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