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Self Publishing Is Lazy

...says Sue Grafton.

And I'm sure it can be, if you do it lazily. But all the derogatory words tossed around to describe self-published authors and their writing has gotten tired and warrants a response.

So, we responded.



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With all the talk about the

With all the talk about the wonderful new world of ebook publishing and the like....nobody has ever addressed the question.....how does a self-published author get an advance?  Despite all the rosy rhetoric about how self publishing fulfulls the writer's need for self expression, it's the ADVANCE that keeps most writers alive long enough to continue to express themselves.  I've never seen any practical method (or even an impractical method)  of extracting an advance from Kindle.



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I don't recall hearing any "rosy rhetoric about how self publishing fulfills the writer's need for self expression."  Most writers use writing for that. What self-publishing does is provide an option to reach readers when the alternative is to burn the manuscript, even if it's actually good, simply because an editor in a publishing house doesn't accept it. As anyone who has submitted work even to literary journals knows, acceptance or rejection is just as much a matter of good enough vs. not good enough as it is "I just don't prefer this today."

A rejected story or novel doesn't necessarily equate to a bad or poorly written story or novel.

About advances, though, I don't think that's much of a factor for those considering self-publishing. Even authors published by known houses often have to maintain day jobs (Josip Novakovich, for instance). I don't think anyone actually expects to get rich as an author, even if many hope to make a living at it (which a select few do).


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Great to see you Kristen!

Great to see you Kristen! Love the video. m

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Hello, Mary!

Nice to see you, too. And thank you!

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Authors got tired of waiting

Authors got tired of waiting for the charity of commissioning editors to bestow upon them the sign of them being the chosen ones. Instead technology enabaled authors to make their choice. You can spend an entire lifetime waiting, wishing, hoping and praying for acceptance by the hallowed halls of a publishing house. In this era, you can just go ahead and get it out to the world.  Then, just maybe, the publishing houses that turned you down or passed you by realised the value that you can bring to their marque. By then the price of your stock had risen. You know what to do! 

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Thanks for stopping by

I love what you just said.

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Bravo to this. m

Bravo to this. m