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 What writers, and even some fiction readers, are saying about this installment of "Inside the Writers Studio: Raving Reviews":

"Frankly, I think they've overdramatized the glory of being a writer." - Craig Lancaster, author of 600 HOURS OF EDWARD

"The sheer, unadulterated excitement just blew me away! - Lin Welch

"I love it! Almost spit up my coffee!" - Shannon Y.

"Well, THIS was a masterpiece! I'll probably, leaving a little wiggle room for future indecision, want to see it again and again." - Shannon K.

"This is hysterical - and SO true." - Lindy C.

"I laughed. I seriously laughed out loud, it would cheapen it to say lol." - Flash fiction queen Meg Pokrass


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Well done. This is the

Well done. This is the stuff that inspires anyone because you don't take yourself so seriously. Thus it leaves one laughing and the message is delivered. I then was clicking on all the links to visit the sites associated with this video -- is that not the point?

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It's part of the point,anyway. The rest was just to have fun. :)