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Cinderella: the original bully-busting story?

Today I had to take a break from enthusing about The Souls of Her Feet to put the final edits on The Bullying Antidote, which comes out in July (Hazelden). The Bullying Antidote (TBA) is a huge book, a compendium of the best current thought about this national health issue and what parents can do to stop it. I dug into it it about a year ago, and around the same time started making weekly blog posts to The Souls of Her Feet BLOOK, which turned into this book.

In a way, Souls kept me sane, being a flight of fantasy away from a heavy topic. In another way, Souls helped TBA to be a better book, as it reminded me, every week, that writing is about putting heart and soul and power onto the page, not just passing along information. And somewhere along the way it occurred to me that Cinderella is a story about bullying.

She is ritually picked on and pecked on by her accidental family, who enjoys keeping her at the bottom of the heap, and when she finally spreads her wings to fly away from home (using her allies, self-esteem building experiences, and  in my version, assertiveness skills,), she breaks free of the dynamic for once and for all.

Free book to the first person who can think of another fairytale about bullying...