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Oakland, CA
to Dave Caven, dedicated blogger, steadfast supporter of the arts (mostly mine), notorious funny guy and walking cultural encyclopedia.
Oct 2008

In addition to her dozen or so blogs, Kristen (Baumgardner) Caven has co-authored three books on parenting, published two memoirs about cartooning, and is working on one musical about living a fairytale life. She is a PTA president and a member of the California Writers Club.

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An early reader and a later latchkey kid, books have always been at the center of my life. I  specialized in horse books until they ran out, then read my way through the Great Books in college.

Upcoming Works

The Souls of Her Feet BLOOK - read it online here!

Also, a yet-to-be-titled book on bullying with Louise Hart, Ed. D. with Hazelden.


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Celestial Arts, Little Pig Productions, Uplift Press, Hazelden

Interests & Hobbies

horses, Depression/Deco Era culture, women's history & culture, the multitude of stories of nature (human and otherwise), green driving & environmentalism, kids, public schools, pop culture, graphic design, comic arts, alternative health, mysticism, old movies; trains, cars and superheroes (mostly by proxy)