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World divine divined. http://lulu.com/astrology Global zodiacal operations towards the years 2011 – 2012.

World divine divined. http://lulu.com/astrology Global zodiacal operations towards the years 2011 – 2012.  


First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2011 http://stores.lulu.com/astrology   Copyright © 2011 By Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the Author. The names of dedicated publications are normally given in italics.   

Zodiacal Technology

Copyright © 2011 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.        http://www.lulu.com/astrology

Apart from one's own trained intuition, the initiate makes use of the latest as well as traditional technology. Tradition has anyone capable of determining by memory e.g. the moment of your next marriage in seconds, but modern technology goes even further than that. Minute precision is especially welcome in  nuclear as well as military astrology. When it comes to meticulous inspection of personal and global karma, the minimal technological knowledge as involved in horoscope analysis would involve at least the following traits: in an initiate or amateur alike.

500 directions. Among some 500 directions, the most precise as well as up-to-date direction is the secondary angular. Operation Odyssey Dawn could never be predicted without a secondary angular direction of Jupiter in Cetus. Nuclear war astrology depends on the entrance of Uranus in Cetus for its main reference point. The Pegasus Point determines the main strike.  
Precise Ascendant Ephemeris. Without an ascendant ephemeris it is unthinkable to even attempt at the very incipient step in any serious mundane prediction. Thus, directing Pegasus Point towards e.g. Typhon predicts Odyssey Dawn. Note that in dealing with the historical reasons for the Odyssey Dawn operation, we peruse ancient Egyptian ascendant sets, along with their appropriate ephemerids; consisting in dozens of ascendants instead of only sixteen as delegated by the current epoch. In poor words, the number of ascendants we deal with is doubled in respect to the current epoch. The former capitals may serve as extra focal points for the analysis. A cowardly pharaoh would flee with Lepus ascendant; where occupation would take place with an Orion ascendant, especially the Pi section. The movement of troops can be traced in several ways within the Cartesian system, even up towards the ornithological section and down to them reptilian nether descendants as typically infested with centaurean swarms. The nether ascendants are sometimes divided in convenient sections, as we recently elaborated at some length for the benefit of an incipient analyst.
500 objects. The Zodiacal Operator peruses the growing database of relevant objects. The incipient student starts with the main comets, centaurs and dwarf planets, proceeding towards the minor classes of objects. A group of 50 already marks a good start. 500 is of course no limit at all, just a standard milestone on the way. The object group is updated on daily basis. All objects have their own delineation that can be found by site search, e.g. “Typhon Klaudio Zic” at http://lulu.com/astrology The material abounds. The database is approaching 11000 dedicated publications where Eris only occupies over 10 Gigabytes since its first sale (as 2003 UB313) on Aug 1st 2005. All objects were delineated before they were named, from the first minute of their discovery. The great majority of objects were never named at all. Sometimes we use nicknames such as Pylenor or Tekton.
The Zodiacal Operator distributes the classes of objects along the moving horizon line. Some fifty classes of objects have been delineated in great, sometimes meticulous, even over-abounding detail, through coruscant animations as well as authoritative stellar maps fromi MPC, IAU & NASA.
Directing a well-scheduled array of objects of interest would be useless without due initiation. The Zodiacal Operator talks to them planets in receiving the court secrets of the universe directly from universe itself.
Thus, Elenin will speak of 11-9-11, while Tekton will warn of Witchallow days in the year 2011. A nether ascendant like Hydra will speak of nuclear Tsunami, while Cruithne will address 2002 AA29 towards the next elections.            

You are yourself.
You are not somebody else.
You are your own best horoscope.
The best horoscope is you.
A single place for your horoscope: you.
The best place for your horoscope is within you.
The best horoscope for you is your own.
You are not somebody else.
You are not an imaginary existence.
Your life is not a simple chord as strummed upon by any passerby.
Your life is not choked by Procrustean models.
The best way to start changing futurity is to be informed.
You don't want to serve as horoscope for another.  
You don't want to be somebody else's horoscope for life.
You are not the horoscope of someone that never was.


16:22 stands for the 16 ascendants and 22 zodiacal stations.

16 ?

There are sweet little 16 ascendants rising at east.

22 ?

22 is the total number of the zodiacal constellations of the New Zodiac.


Tarot fans can easily remember the number of zodiacal constellations, since 22 coincides with the number of the major arcana of the Tarot. Conversely, geomantic 16 is applicable to the court cards of the Tarot.  

Thank you for your involvement in responding to media bias.

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Klaudio Zic

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NASA JPL ephemeris strip for the winter Sun.

 2011-Oct-25 00:00      Vir
 2011-Oct-28 00:00      Vir
 2011-Oct-31 00:00      Vir
 2011-Nov-03 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-06 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-09 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-12 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-15 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-18 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-21 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-24 00:00      Sco
 2011-Nov-27 00:00      Sco
 2011-Nov-30 00:00      Sco
 2011-Dec-03 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-06 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-09 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-12 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-15 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-18 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-21 00:00      Sgr
 2011-Dec-24 00:00      Sgr
2011-Dec-27 00:00      Sgr

So that your planets can learn their place.

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New Zodiac ~ New Natal Ascendant
16 ascendants
22 zodiacal stations
5000 publications


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