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WEF Results




Some tentative WEF results as follow.



2)     Work on your own and not depend on others for help.

3)     Success builds gradually or the independent.

4)     Anxiety in Brussels.

5)     Already the location of the summit suggests isolation.

6)     Restriction and control took over liberal trends.

7)     The most important is not there.

8)     A plan of action is possible only after calm observation.

9)     Heating up will result in cooling down.

10)As Herbert predicted in Dune, raids in desert communities will continue in pursuit of the mélange of yellow cake.

11)There is no communication: it is better to shut up.

12)Russia’s influence gets attenuated.

13)Everything remains the same.

14)Southwest prevails over northeast.

15)World economy gets crippled, castrated and remains without guts.

16)Body economy separates from its own legs.

17)1929 = 2013 only nowadays we have a lot of Uranium to worry about.

18)The jobless 50% under 27 may receive jobs slowly in time.

19)Nothing like a fast solution is to occur. More meandering after a quiet standoff period along with eventual stabilization through time. This is a very inert system we are dealing with.

20)Arrogance is unwelcome as it also brings trouble upon itself in the first place.