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#USA #UK #reptilian #ascendant http://lulu.com/astrology #horoscope #astrology

#USA #UK #reptilian #ascendant http://lulu.com/astrology #horoscope #astrology

First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2011 http://stores.lulu.com/astrology   Copyright © 2011 By Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the Author. The names of dedicated publications are normally given in italics.   


Copyright © 2011 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.        http://www.lulu.com/astrology

Here and there, the provisionally so-called 13th zodiacal station was intimated towards, then forgotten. The public was easily hushed as enormous pressure from media is used in order to sledge, rather than merely instill superstition into the semiconscious biomass.

If your soul feels like being ready for some awakening, consider that you have hit the jackpot with us. Not only there is a source for all astrological problem, but it is also an old, abundant as well as reliable one. Over 5000 publications (sic) await for your minute inspection: you have come to the Eden of Astrology and personal magick.  

Here and there, a stirring moves the masses, such as in a recent case of Ophiuchus rediscovered. Whatever was rediscovered is of course much larger than that, as there are 22 zodiacal stations along with 16 eastern ascendants.

The stirring moved across the masses, apparently leaving no favorable impact but sheer curiosity: soon fading on account of no relevant information. Latin America was always curious about Ophiuchus, perhaps because the reptilian cults survive in e.g. Some forms of voodoo.

What popular belief fails to assume is the real skies with their reptilian constellations as recoiling within your own national horoscope. When a whole nation is born under reptilian auspices, we can rightfully call its children the generation of the snake. Reptilian nations in fact abound across the globe. The most popular nations are all reptilian, whether they share Serpens or an Ophiuchus ascendant within their nativities. Obviously, such an Astrology requires special knowledge that has nothing to do with popular superstition. Superstition will fight such knowledge for obvious reasons: easy profit at the expense of a na?ve public being but one of the minor reasons for lingering pseudo-astrological tyranny. The main reason is occult. Default mind, the enemy of mankind, is a gift from the devil. It serves your own enslavement. It betrays your immortal soul for peanuts.

Whatever nonsensei was said about an alleged astrology, came from the devil. There is no such thing as twelve ascendants. The fact that them “astrologers” don't know it proves its validity: they never took a glance at the real sky.

You never knew your natal ascendant at all: you were not supposed to. To know your natal ascendant would mean knowing yourself, something that default ego can not tolerate. Default mind is for your entrapment. In order to function, you must socialize a lot with people who spread the viruses. That a beautiful girl believes ion some foul thing like 12 ascendants does not make it scientifically proven at all. On the contrary, a beautiful girl will be made to believe in anything, the better to infest the masses. Thus, more or less beautiful girls are used to transmit superstition for the masses. Everyone will trust a beautiful girl, yes?

You are yourself.
You are not somebody else.
You are your own best horoscope.
The best horoscope is you.
A single place for your horoscope: you.
The best place for your horoscope is within you.
The best horoscope for you is your own.
You are not somebody else.
You are not an imaginary existence.
Your life is not a simple chord as strummed upon by any passerby.
Your life is not choked by Procrustean models.
The best way to start changing futurity is to be informed.
You don't want to serve as horoscope for another.  
You don't want to be somebody else's horoscope for life.
You are not the horoscope of someone that never was.


16:22 stands for the 16 ascendants and 22 zodiacal stations.

16 ?

There are sweet little 16 ascendants rising at east.

22 ?

22 is the total number of the zodiacal constellations of the New Zodiac.


Tarot fans can easily remember the number of zodiacal constellations, since 22 coincides with the number of the major arcana of the Tarot. Conversely, geomantic 16 is applicable to the court cards of the Tarot.  

Klaudio Zic

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NASA JPL ephemeris strip for the winter Sun.

 2011-Oct-25 00:00      Vir
 2011-Oct-28 00:00      Vir
 2011-Oct-31 00:00      Vir
 2011-Nov-03 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-06 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-09 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-12 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-15 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-18 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-21 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-24 00:00      Sco
 2011-Nov-27 00:00      Sco
 2011-Nov-30 00:00      Sco
 2011-Dec-03 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-06 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-09 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-12 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-15 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-18 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-21 00:00      Sgr
 2011-Dec-24 00:00      Sgr
2011-Dec-27 00:00      Sgr

So that your planets can learn their place.

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New Zodiac ~ New Natal Ascendant
16 ascendants
22 zodiacal stations
5000 publications


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