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Prince William

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Prince William

His royal majesty's horoscope

by Klaudio Zic

Part I

Copyright © 2009 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved. http://www.lulu.com/astrology


As often quoted1, Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales, was born with Mercury in Orion. Her legacy to her son is therefore an accent on the Stargate, as haunting the horoscopes of people in power from the pope to the English royal family.


The Moon is just out of Orion at New Moon for the prince. In referring to our publications as dedicated to Eris and the WTC2, the reader notices the Stargate Moon position for Obama bin Laden, whose horoscope coincides with the WTC event in several ways. Most prominently, according to the data as provided by the CIA, the known Islamic terrorist and the WTC share the same position of Moon in Orion.


His royal highness was born with Sun in Orion. His Moon is past the ominous star of χ1 Orionis, very near to the WTC position. A recent exceptionally long sojourn of Mercury in Orion celebrated the memorial of the Paris accident, in which the prince lost his mother. The prince therefore does not have a New Moon in Orion, but just out of Orion.


For the purpose of astrological analysis, we can consider a New Moon at the Stargate as Moon in Orion. Therefore, both the Sun and the Moon are very approximately in Orion.


Further analysis features all objects of interest. These include Earth or the ascendant, giant comets, main3 belt comets and minor planets, asteroids, satellites, outer guardians, Oort cloud objects, plutino, Scattered Disk Objects or SDO, cubewano, transneptunians or TNO, KBO or Edgeworth-Kuiper belt objects, Apoheles, Aten, Apollo, Amor, centaurs, dwarf planets, small solar system objects, Earth co-orbitals and spacecraft. Modern astrology deals with hundreds of objects of interest. Dozens of featured classes of objects provide variety in an astrological analysis. As soon as an object such as centauri or dwarf planet is discovered, it immediately features with the horoscope with its delineation in the 12 traditional astrological housesii. In the case of prince William's horoscope, centaurs Nessus and 2007 JG43 hover aloof above the Stargate in Lynx.

Klaudio Zic

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1Orion Days – Sun in Orion, Mercury in Orion and O5IRIS are some of our special publications as dedicated to the Stargate. Lady Di's horoscope features among hundreds of free downloads from the site http://lulu.com/astrology

2Eris at the Big Apple is one of the hundreds publications as dedicated to Eris. Eris delineation was published along side with the X Zodiac. The first sale was recorded as early as August 1st 2005.


i2007 JG43 has been copiously delineated along with dwarf planet 2007 OR10 in January 2009.

iiAlso 24 house system or Night & Day house system, 16 houses and 32 experimental houses.