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* Astro Leak #034 :|||||

* Astro Leak #034 :|||||
First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2011

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During one's lifetime and initiation1, one may work on several

life-projects or simply monitor different fields of life. This is like

having your social network monitored while intervened upon: your

Tweeter account interlaces with your Facebook page; your latest

tweeting affects your Bebo contacts while your Wordpress blog is

being imported into your Facebook profile in order to widen the

perimeter and scope of your activities.


Much as social network feeds, so the negativities spread and fight

for dominion, gaining ground and influence on every sign of

weakness from the forces of good. Much as network feeds, they

tend to spread in every area: rat in the kitchen. There is no use to

divine said rat as symptom of catastrophe: it must get out forever,

least it brings company: if company be not there already.


One of the drawbacks of the forces of good is that they are often

but vaguely defined, thus stalled in their very definition. With good

positively undefined, beta-rats hold sway. In RTRRT we have no

problem with definitions: getting done with it is our purpose in order

to get on with our project. RTRRT consists in shameless promotion

of the good things in life and afterlife at the expense and detriment

of the bad ones: however camouflaged them negativities may be.    


Mercilessly cutting the rat is called clearing. Whether under the

nose, invisible or even nonextant, the rat is cut by the RTRRT3 in

order for True Mind to make progress. Of course, the forces of evil

that imprisoned you for a lifetime will scan for weakness and recoil.

Hold on to your purpose: keep cutting. The dawn is near.     


Often, there is a common note, a basso continuo thrumming as if to

underline several mostly failed life projects. Our purpose is to find

out this recurrent problem that may be hidden from our expanding

magical self or even under our very nose.


Compare the fields of life in which difficulties are detected in order

to find out the pattern which may prove to be the same or sharing

the same root or neighborhood. The negativities are clustered as a

negative tree, rooted in binary division: yin and yang. Tao sees

none: for Tao, there is no yin, yang or even Tao itself. Foxes find

safety within their own dens. One without the other has nowhere to


Klaudio Zic

{1}Initiation can be seen as the resurfacing of True Mind victorious,

while one's lifetime flows on by default. Whatever issue is thus

determined by either the dull forces of default ego, karma and

kismet; or the progressive forces of True Mind victorious. In an

initiate, True Mind takes precedence over social ego, while default

mind is rooted in a commoner, who is probably just after social

appeasing after all. Wrong! The personal devil lulls the person

towards socialization, while True Mind separates it from the

tomfoolery of this world. True Mind is not the mind of this world at

all: it is your mind. The original self has nothing to do with a binary

derelict that causes worry and sadness. The binary yin-yang device

is the devil's own mind apparatus. We could as well say apparata,

since a fairly equal distribution of tweeting status makes for one

world, one mind and one status.
{2}Like many others, the word was imported from other, languages

that the one presently in use. In a brief analysis, English is not far

from being a northern Italian language as vaguely mixed with much

more northern languages. It appears that the core words are of

Latin origin. The study of linguistic can immensely help your

progress: see also a recent publication as entitled Xenolalia.

Appears, core and origin are of Latin origin. The frequent use of

apropos words that may not feature in their formerly appropriate

dictionary is a feature of True Mind. Things change, there is

precession, nothing is static: we move on. However

incomprehensible by default mind, Tao is not static or defined by its

own self-satisfaction, but neither moving linearly according to some

broken robot plan. Yours to discover.
{3}Cascade is cutting through more directly than any other RTRRT.

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NASA JPL ephemeris strip for the winter Sun.

 2011-Oct-25 00:00      Vir
 2011-Oct-28 00:00      Vir
 2011-Oct-31 00:00      Vir
 2011-Nov-03 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-06 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-09 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-12 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-15 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-18 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-21 00:00      Lib
 2011-Nov-24 00:00      Sco
 2011-Nov-27 00:00      Sco
 2011-Nov-30 00:00      Sco
 2011-Dec-03 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-06 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-09 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-12 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-15 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-18 00:00      Oph
 2011-Dec-21 00:00      Sgr
 2011-Dec-24 00:00      Sgr
2011-Dec-27 00:00      Sgr

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