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"Oprah" Captures a Complex Personality and Life
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Susan Carpenter
Los Angeles Times

"...Winfrey's refusal to be interviewed seems to have inspired, rather than deterred, Kelley. She interviewed 850 sources for Oprah, including major 'gets,' such as Winfrey's father, and used the thousands of interviews the rags-to-riches cultural icon has granted over the years to paint a portrait that becomes less flattering as Winfrey's fame and influence grows.

"The result is an impeccably researched and well-organized look into the unlikely life of a self-made woman who used her poor upbringing as a steppingstone to build an astounding media empire. Winfrey's net worth is currently valued at $2.4 billion.

"Oprah is, in many ways, a brave and audacious book. Circumventing a highly controlled Oprah-sphere that, for more than a decade, has required all employees to sign nondisclosure agreements, Kelley attempts, and largely succeeds, in piercing the veil of one of the most powerful, influential and wealthy women on the planet."

Oprah: A Biography