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Sweet! read the first 50 pages of Ice Song--free!

Who doesn't love a freebie? If you haven't yet had a chance to read Ice Song, check out this great preview from Suvudu.com. Catch up on the story before the sequel, Tattoo, comes out July 26. Click the link to read the first 50 pages of Ice Song free, then grab or order a copy form your favorite bookseller.


"The world of Ice Song reinvents everything we know about gender, biology, social constructs, and identity. But it has more than daring ideas and provocative themes: Ice Song is a cabinet of wonders and marvels. From its gender-switching heroine, the unforgettable Sorykah/Soryk, to the surreal ‘somatics,’ half-human, half-animal mutants, to a beautiful and violent ice world, Ice Song brings the beauty of the uncanny, and the joy of intellectual daring, back to speculative fiction.”