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Vampires and My Love-Hate Relationship with Them

Vampires. I love them. I hate them. I’m terrified of them. Even the word vampire is frightening. It’s just so...vampirical.

But a good vampire story is so fascinating to read; a movie, compelling to watch. You want to look away. But you can’t. You cover your face with your hands during the scary parts. You can still see through the spaces between your fingers, but you can close them quickly. Just in case that scary part becomes all too much.

Do I have a favorite vampire? No, I love-hate them all equally.

But my favorite vampire movie is Van Helsing. The story is fast and thrilling. A visual feast of fright and horror. But also, our Van Helsing is fearless and dashing. Anna, passionate and beautiful.

Beyond the horror, love abounds on many levels. Love between a brother and sister. Love between the hero and the heroine—a love doomed from the start. Love of thousands of children that a vampire will never see born. And lastly, a thirsty love for blood.

When it comes to vampire stories out there today, Van Helsing is my speed. Back as a kid, I used to absolutely love to watch those old, creepy, black-and-white films at midnight, with darkness surrounding me. Unfortunately, one terrifying movie showed a vampire leaning over and clamping his fangs down on the throat of his young female victim—while she was sleeping! She didn’t stand a chance! Neither did I. I was scarred for life.

Here’s a secret I’ve shared with no one.

The image left me so emotionally wrecked, that, to this day, I don’t sleep with my neck exposed. I simply cannot risk some vampire slipping into my room in the middle of the night feasting on my neck while I’m asleep. The fear is too great. Too real.

There. Now you know my deep dark secret.

That creepy old movie accomplished what every great vampire story sets out to do. It evokes emotion. It gets your heart racing with terror, your adrenaline rushing with fear, and ultimately scares the daylights out of you...sometimes for the rest of your life. 

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I have to laugh!  I remember

I have to laugh!  I remember when I was a little girl, pulling the covers up to my ears and, quite awkwardly, folding my fingers over the hem to present a cross to any vampire that might sneak into my room.  It was a horridly uncomfortable way to sleep. 

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OMG! I'm not alone? I feel so much better knowing there are others like me! (Okay, even though I'm all grown up now...)