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I love writing. I love movies. So it should come as no surprise that I love movies featuring writers and editors of newspapers, magazines and publishers. Don’t forget the journalists and yes, today, even bloggers. Writers and editors always make good protagonists for books, television, and movies. They offer great material for stories. Just think about shows like Castle and Sex and the City. And the movie adaptation The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has lots of writing-related stuff.

It’s so fun to watch these authorly characters romp around on the big screen. At their antics, I sometimes yell, “OMG that’s so true! They got it right!” Other times, I snicker, “It’s so not like that...gimme a break.” Cue the eye roll. But it is always fun to see how my favorite actor handles the trials and tribulations of the writing life.

Below are listed some fun movies I’ve watched that feature protagonists mired in this crazy profession. I’m sure this personal list is not all inclusive, but I had to stop sometime. Do I have a favorite? No. Who could ever decide something like that? But Wonder Boys takes me back to college days as an English major in New England. Adaptation takes me to that dark and angsty place that tangles with the fearful hacker inside all of us (Can I do it? Am I any good? Am I hack?). Cross Creek? I have a definite affinity for that one now that I live in Florida. And She Devil makes me laugh while still making me believe that love conquers all...as long you learn to love yourself first.

So, if your need a break from writing or life and want to curl up with a good, well, DVD, consider watching one of the movies below. If you go to IMDB.com or NetFlix.com, the options for movies about the bookish life are limitless and it’s so fun to explore what’s out there. Who knows? One just might inspire you to write the next Great American Novel. So, how many movies listed below have you seen? Do you happen to have an all-time favorite writerly movie? Do you see it here?

From Recent Memory
Almost Famous
Bridget Jones Diary
Devil Wears Prada
Down with Love
Finding Forrester
How to Make an American Quilt
Julie and Julia
Secret Window
Sex and the City
Stranger than Fiction
The Paper
The Proposal
Wonder Boys

Retro Movies
All the President’s Men
American Dreamer
Cross Creek
Funny Farm
Her Alibi
Peyton Place
Romancing the Stone
Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story
She Devil
Rich and Famous (a remake of Old Acquaintance)
Three Days of the Condor

Oldies but Goodies
Citizen Kane
Old Acquaintance
Little Women (in any decade)
Sunset Boulevard
The Best of Everything

Honorable Mention
Under the Tuscan Sun, isn’t necessarily about the writing life, but is about a writer who starts a new life in Italy
Poetic Justice, about an urban poet

Personal To-Be-Viewed List
Chop Suey
Ghost Writer
Isn’t She Great
Novel Romance
The Hours