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Trying This Over Again


I know I joined over a year ago. Went through taking the care to do a profile, writing an entry and then POOF!!!! Then nothing more. The reason was at the time that I set up my account I was using my boss's computer and net connection. Other co-workers got a little upset about it because they weren't allowed to and so to be fair it was said no one could use it. Time went on and after a while I forgot I had a membership here until last week. Then I couldn't remember my password.

I have gotten everything straighten out now and I can promise there will be a lot more post. Actually I have quite a few of my poems on the net as well as a blog or two I have been writing in on a regular bases. Not sure how interesting the post are but at least I am practicing-LMAO.

Come November I am doing something I have never tried before. That is the "Write A 50,000 Word Novel in 30 Days" Challenge. I can't wait to get started I am so excited. For me this is like taking a huge leap of faith in myself. I have always started one but never completed them. With this I have to finish because so many people already know about it and are cheering me on. Since this is also around the time of my birthday I figure this is like a double blessing. I mean what's better than starting off the first month of one's new age completing a goal that was set and not expected to be accomplished for months to come.

I have been working on word count and have gotten myself up to 1760 in a two hour period each day for about two weeks now. I would like to up it to 2000 a session but I will be happy with what I have right now as I work towards the 2000 mark.

I have also gotten to the point of no matter how busy or tired I am in a day's time I do at least 500 words. I mean if I really want this then I will have to push myself a little to get results. I can always go back later to see what I can do to improve what I have written. At least spell check what I have created (God Bless spell check!!! LMAO).

Well I need to go for the time being but as I said I will return in the very near future to write something a little more interesting. I hope everyone has a nice day. Oh, I am also going to be posting my Wizard of Oz post as well. I hope everyone finds it enjoyable.