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The Greatest Christmas Gift Ever
Connor and I goofing around in front of the camera
The best Christmas gift I ever received actually arrived a few days before Christmas. It was the afternoon of the 23rd of 2002. I was eight months pregnant with my son and was trying to set up the bar where I worked before my small happy hour rush arrived. I hadn't been feeling well. I had been cramping all morning.   I was pretty sure that my son was getting ready for his arrival into the world but I figured I had a few more days before he made his debut. Just to be safe when my boss, Alice had taken me to lunch before we went to work I didn't eat much. I also kept writing down how far apart my contractions were coming. I knew it wasn't uncommon for a woman to go a couple of weeks with Braxton Hicks before the real ones started hitting her. I guess I was hoping that was the case. I realized as each one hit a little harder that it wasn't the case.   So I called Arty (my son's father) and tried to call in a replacement for myself. Just my luck no one could come in. I had one girl ask if I could hold off until the next day when it was better for her. Like one could do such a thing. I finally confessed to Alice what was going on. I had no choice. My customers were waiting on their selves and then tipping me. They were afraid I would give birth right there in the bar. I mean nothing kills happy hour like child birth I guess.   From there things moved very fast. I was rushed to the hospital of course and within two hours my son, Xavier Connor, was born. After I counted all his little fingers, toes, and other baby parts for the correct number I pulled him to my chest. My whole body was flooded with a love that only a mother can feel for her child.    It's a love that of course never dies. With each year that passes I count my blessings for being given such a gift. Sure as he has gotten older he has a talent for getting into trouble but to me he is still that bundle of joy that was placed in my arms almost eight years ago.    As he gets older I will watch with pride as he takes on the world. I will wipe away each tear that might fall. I will celebrate each hurdle he overcomes. As each year passes I will thank God over and over again for the perfect Christmas gift I was ever given a few days early. The gift that is my son.