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Columbus May Have Smiled

On Monday I decided to take a well earned break from all of my house cleaning, cooking, and editing of a book that I'm doing for a friend, and start to peruse a few poetry groups I belong to.  Many of them offer a writing challenge for the day and sometimes I do them and sometimes I don't, but one of the challenges got me excited.  It was a challenge to write Discovered Poetry.  

What is Discovered Poetry you might ask?  Well, it might not be as wonderful as discovering America, but it is great in its own right as far as discovery goes.  It is the art of taking some ordinary words from some ordinary things, like CD covers, magazines, newspapers, or in my case, food labels, and making a poem out of them.  

I admit that I was a bit leary about doing this at first because I really didn't think I could write a poem that would make any sense from a bunch of words that were random, but I tried the challenge anyway and wrote a poem entitled Food Labels.  This exercise was really quite fun.  I not only enjoyed it for this poem, but I just may use this technique for future poems.

I have added the poem Food Labels to my Red Room page if you'd like to read it.  Who knows, that poem just may spark the poet in you to give Discovered Poetry a try.